Renowned Technical Institute by Akshay N Kasar.
  Renowned Technical Institute (Conceptual)

New kind of mechanical engineering education

Session 1st 

" Actual Company Working " 

                Details are shown in  video on the Right side.

Session 2nd

 " Engineering Mechanism"

Details are shown in the video on left side.

Session 1st

"Actual Company Working  "

Detail syllabus are shown on right side .

1.Company   2.Management 

3.Different Departments for mechanical engineer

4.Actual Company Working

5.Documents to be prepared in company.

6.TS 16949 ,  7. TPM , 8.ISO Stds. , 9. PPAP Documents , 10.Five S

11. Seven QC tools., 12. Kiazen & Pokayoke

13.Calibration & Least Count , 14.Department Responsibility

15.Organisation Chart , 16. Work Process Flow

17.All Manufacturing processes.  18.Instruments , Gauges & Equipment

19.Introduction of Machine CNC, HMC, VMC.

20.Casting & Machining Processes & tools use.

21. PDC , CRAM & MD defects.

22. Study of actual Part drawing & symbols

23. Mechanical Properties & other tests methods.

Session 2nd

"Engineering Mechanism  "

Detail syllabus are shown on the right side.

1. Basic engineering mechanisms

2.Automobile parts working.

3.Hydraulic System

4.Pneumatic System.

5.Gear Terminology

6.Types of gear

7.Tools & Equipment.

8.Related Technical videos also shown.