Renowned Technical Institute by Akshay N Kasar.
  Renowned Technical Institute (Conceptual)

New kind of mechanical engineering education

"Comapny Working Of Mechanical Engineer Freshers"

by Akshay N. Kasar


                                     Welcome To    
        Renown Technical Institute

Are You Mechanical Engineer Fresher ?

 1. What is  RTI ?


       RTI stands for Renown Technical Institute , RTI presents the short duration courses. 

2.Who is eligible to attend these courses?


        Mechanical Engineer who has completed the engineering course or who has appeared for Diploma or Degree' in Mechanical Engineering, &  Mechanical engineer who is searching for  jobs in the market.

3.Why should mechanical engineers attend this course?


       The purpose of this Session is to clarify the concept that confuses mechanical Engineer while appearing their final year Or after completing  Engineering course & searching  for A job in the Market.  

Currently , the competition in the job market  is steep & aspirants often find it difficult  to get a Job. 
* We are introducing Actual company working  i.e. 
Training Awareness which is given to Trainee engineer after joining in the company , Related documents, concepts.  
& All manufacturing processes, Basic knowledge about Instruments & gauges. For more details please refer to the courses section.
* Also we give Information about frequently asked questions in interview i.e....      


Which Department do you want to choose for working ? & Why?  What Do you know about this department?

 Why should  we selecting  you ? How are you different from the other ?


  • Our purpose is to make your resume or profile , strong & different from other.
We are presenting our knowledge & thoughts  as per our experience.We have taken care that there are no mistakes & misprints , Yet if you observe any errors  or want  to give any suggestion for improvement or better understanding , you are welcome to contact us with details. We will be improve/implement it in the next session.

Generally there are around twenty one types of department works in the company out of these sixteen types of department recruit mechanical engineer.